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The Academy Mental Health Clinic is now open.

Aidan our therapist has clinics in Dublin, Monaghan and Cavan. Since Covid 19 he also holds online sessions.

Here at The Academy Mental Health Clinic specialise in helping people quit smoking, take control overeating/weight issues, allay fears and phobias manage anxiety and depression and gain coping skills to manage their issues. We work on a conscious and subconscious level using Mindfulness based cognitive therapy and Hypno-psychotherapy These are very effective tools for helping resolve and manage conditions where psychological or emotional forces are inv

Aidan has particular interest in working with anxiety related issues, hypnotherapy can produce outstanding results for those who need to ‘focus their minds’ on taking back conscious control of unhelpful subconscious responses. We offer results-focused programs for those wishing to tap into more of their mind’s potential to help them get the results they desire.

 Aidan is also a practitioner of Vipassana meditation/mindfulness, having studied under the esteemed Shri S.N. Goenka in India.

Aidan Caffrey

 Aidan believes we all have the potential to heal ourselves and attain a higher level of existence. He is committed to helping others reach this goal, through solution focused hypno-psychotherapy. “It is only when we give complete attention to a problem and solve it immediately, never carrying it over to the next day, the next minute, that there is solution and solitude

AHC is a friendly, professional, results-focused clinic. We provide an ethical, professional hypnotherapeutic service.

“If you think it and you believe it, You can achieve it” …. Let us help you realise your goals.